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Babes mean business when it comes to the perfect tan.

There’s nothing like skin that has that endless summer golden glow. Just like our products, we like our babes all natural, but when it comes to getting tan, more fake means more safe. Achieving tanned skin the old fashioned way (baking in beds and on the beach) can be dangerous – we’re going for bronzed, not burned!

As long as it’s a toxin-free natural solution, using a sunless tanning product is a safer way to get a golden glow that lingers long after summer ends.

Applying a sunless tanning product takes practice. Here are before, during, and after application tips for the best sunless tan ever:


  • For babes who would rather tackle their tan solo but aren’t application experts – choose lotion or cream formulas. Go for a color that’s light and builds gradually, making it good for daily use and more natural even on fair skin.
  • For babes who don’t want to spend lots of time tanning – try gel, spray, or mousse products as they dry the fastest. Sprays are the easiest way to get hard to reach places. A mousse is a more lightweight formula that evenly distributes color and won’t feel as sticky.
  • Prep skin by exfoliating well. Grab a bath glove and CocoBlanc – shower, scrub and shave.


  • Apply product use gentle, broad, circular strokes. Start at ankles, work one leg at a time, blend your way up the back, move on to sides, and around to stomach. Continue onto chest, around shoulders, avoid armpits and blend down arms.
  • Face, hands and feet require extra precision so save these parts for last. Dilute the product by mixing in your fave moisturizer to achieve a more natural looking tan on these areas. Application to face, neck and décolleté should be similar to applying foundation. Blend well at the hairline, and babes with light hair – be extra careful!
  • Overlap each stroke to avoid streaking and missed areas. If you missed a spot, reapply product to fix or darken the original application.
  • To help blend application, roll a small soft hand towel and lightly sweep over outer edges of armpits, wrists, ankles, hands, feet and inside of arms.


  • When the application is complete, thoroughly wipe the inside of your hands and fingers with a damp cloth.
  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothes while product develops. Keep skin dry for about 6-8 hours to product can absorb into skin. If skin gets wet while product develops, gently blot the area dry.
  • If you accidentally apply too much product, gently exfoliate the skin with a CocoBlanc scrub. This will help lighten the tan (and give you even more of a glow 😉
  • Keep skin moisturized to help the tan fade evenly and last longer.

If you’re not a fan of tanning lotions and don’t mind dropping some cash on a more luxe experience, airbrush tanning is for you, babe. Keep in mind that airbrushing can crack as it wears off and looks crazy if you go too dark, so go to someone who you trust will be precise, and ask for a color that’s only a shade or two beyond your natural skin tone.

Happy tanning, babes!

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