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It makes food tasty. It makes skin tingle. SALT is the best seasoning and the best skin exfoliator. So why does something so good have such a bad rep? Here’s the secret about salt and skin…

For babes who love salty snacks (don’t we all), it’s a bummer to know that if salt is eaten in excess, it can lead to cardiovascular issues, dehydration, inflammation, and irritated skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

There are different kinds of salt and different effects it can have on you. In its natural state, salt exists with a mix of other vitamins and trace minerals like magnesium and calcium. The natural mixture of minerals work with sodium to keep the body’s electrolytes and fluids in balance.

When salt is refined, (like processed common table salt) these minerals are removed and the sodium is isolated. This throws the body off balance and has the opposite effect we want. Refined salt also usually contains anti-caking ingredients and other additives that are bad for babes!

So how can a babe enjoy salty pleasures?

To enjoy salty treats, the key is to look for pure, unrefined sea salt either as food seasoning, or in any type of product that contains salt as an ingredient. This will ensure you’ll get the best body benefits from the most naturally occurring mix of vitamins and minerals.

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