Content: 200 g.
Coconut Potency: %5

Price: $40.75
SAVE: $11.00
Discount Price: $29.75

  • Aware unisex pheromones help you radiate confidence and poise to those around you making it perfect for business and social situations.
  • Aware contains 36 g of synthetic jojoba oil, making it one of most powerful unisex pheromone products on the market today!
  • Aware contains 5 separate optimized pheromones, to give you maximum potency and confidence.
  • Aware boosts your confidence levels by reducing inhibitions, and making those close to you more friendly, talkative, and open-minded.
  • Just one application of Aware can make a dramatic difference in your social interactions and is guaranteed to work or your money back!

Wow FOUR day delivery from US!!!Smells lovely (Coconut) & lip plumper works/pleasant to use.
Julie, United Kingdom

I would like to thank and compliment the Customer Service Department. I thought I did not receive the product I ordered and the tracking showed it was delivered. I contacted Customer Service, via e-mail, explained the problem, and they answered me in a very short time. They informed me that a duplicate shipment would go out that day, and if the original showed up to just refuse it. Well, as it turned out, it was my mistake. I was in the process of moving, and totally forgot I received the package. Between the Customer Service Department, and the delivery service, the problem got solved. My mistake, not theirs. Thanks to the great communication from Customer Service, and the delivery agent, my mistake was handled with professionalism, etiquette and respect, and that is very unusual in the atmosphere we have in this Country today.
My thanks again. Excellent job.
Walt, WI

Marriage enhancer – it works!
Christine, MI