Content: 200 g.
Coconut Potency: %5

Price: $40.75
SAVE: $11.00
Discount Price: $29.75

  • Aware unisex pheromones help you radiate confidence and poise to those around you making it perfect for business and social situations.
  • Aware contains 36 g of synthetic jojoba oil, making it one of most powerful unisex pheromone products on the market today!
  • Aware contains 5 separate optimized pheromones, to give you maximum potency and confidence.
  • Aware boosts your confidence levels by reducing inhibitions, and making those close to you more friendly, talkative, and open-minded.
  • Just one application of Aware can make a dramatic difference in your social interactions and is guaranteed to work or your money back!

Wow. Absolutely amazing customer service. Thank you very much for making the extra effort.

Jer, FL

Seen all the hype on this stuff was very skeptical. Tried it one night worked very well almost too well. Gonna get some more before the stuff is outlawed.
Jim, IL

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent products. I ordered two weeks ago Max Attraction Gold, and I received in the next week… Very fast deliver, congratulations for your services! How should I order? I already have the CocoBlanc Coffee, but I want to order for Dubai. Can you send it to Dubai? I’ll wait for an answer as soon as possible… Thank you so much for your attention! Keep going the good work!
Kind Regards,
Jonas, United Kingdom